Effects of Seeking Help Effects of Environment Management Effects of Time Management Effects of Learning Tactics

Seeking Help

How often do you seek help when you are stuck?

Environment Management

How often do you set up your study or work space to maximize learning?

Time Management

How often do you manage your time for assignments?

Learning Tactics

How often do you use specific strategies to improve your learning, your memory of information, or completion of assignments?

Key Learning Strategies Tips to Remember

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  • Set aside regular times to study
  • Minimize distractions around you
  • Seek help from others when you are stuck
  • Quiz yourself to check your understanding

Strategies to manage your environment

It is important to pay attention to the things that can interfere with focus, attention, and thinking. Below are several strategies that can help you manage distractions and enhance your focus.

Strategies to manage your Time

Below are several strategies that can enhance planning and time management skills.

Tactics to improve learning

There are many types of tactics to improve recall of information, the quality of writing, and reading comprehension. Click on the links below to learn more.